discover leith

Visitors to Edinburgh tend to see the city as having two zones – the Old Town and the New Town. The aim of discover Leith is to encourage visitors to include on their itinerary the City’s historic and dynamic port district which offers many attractions and leisure opportunities.

discover Leith

We developed an orientation system integrating both navigation and interpretation, with the objective of helping Leith establish itself as a visitor destination and to increase civic pride in this regeneration area. On-street units combine with a pocket map, to enable visitors to discover Leith for themselves.

Introduction of QR codes

A revamp of discover Leith was completed in Autumn 2011. New graphics were created and installed; these incorporate directional arrows and QR codes – allowing Smartphones to access local information.

A QR code is a type of matrix barcode that can be captured by a mobile phone (requires a QR reader to be uploaded to the phone) it displays local information on nearby restaurants, bars and places of interest. A QR code is a variation of the traditional barcode that is seen everyday, however can hold much more information.

On-street Orientation and Information Units

One side of the 14 on-street orientation units displays directional arrows, highlighting streets and attractions in the immediate vicinity and also area-wide and local-area maps. They also carry a QR code which when scanned, directs the user to nearby places of interest, restaurants and bars. The other side recounts fascinating stories and anecdotes on Leith’s notable buildings, industries, historic events, famous and infamous inhabitants; written in a manner that both informs and entertains.

Pocket Map

A compact pocket map, with key streets and points of interest. The map also promotes the area’s shopping and wining and dining opportunities.