working together to
develop solutions

Towns and cities are increasingly aware of the economic importance of their role as visitor destinations. It is vital that visitors are provided with the connections to help them make the most of their time and provide them with every opportunity to spend their money.

Consultancy Services

We would be delighted to help identify wayfinding solutions for your area. In the first instance we can conduct an audit of the current orientation and interpretive system. We can then go on to provide a detailed analysis, including consideration of environmental psychology factors, in developing a comprehensive set of recommendations. This will often include options to take account of different budget levels while providing realistic costs for the creation of any system.

We work closely with our clients to develop a solution to meet the objectives of all concerned, but there are common principles to which we adhere:

The Economic Case
Our systems are focused on the economic benefits of encouraging visitors to explore further and stay longer.
Integration is key to our thinking. On-street information is integrated with visitor maps, transport point information, websites and other elements that are designed to work together, but also to make sense independently. Even when only developing one element of a new system we will seek to make sure it integrates as much as possible with other existing elements.
Design Quality
Urban design is key to creating sustainable development and to ensuring that public spaces are safe, attractive and fun.
Our systems are designed to inspire confidence. We take great care to ensure that we have every detail correct and it is vital that they can be updated easily and economically.
A Dynamic Media
Our visitor orientation systems provide a dynamic media to communicate with town or city centre visitors. The graphic panels displayed on navigation units can be easily changed to update information, allowing your town, city or area the opportunity to use the system as a marketing and branding tool.
Local Economic Benefit
We appreciate the frustration felt by visitors finding their way around an unfamiliar destination, especially when signage is inadequate. It is important to the local economy that its visitors use their time is used efficiently, enjoy all it has to offer and spend more while doing so.
Exploration and Entertainment

The approach to navigation adopted by Streetwise will depend upon local factors. Our systems help visitors to explore further than they might have, serve to highlight the full range of attractions and places of interest and help to define distinct quarters or districts.

Streetwise can help visitors to discover the true story of your town or city and the events, individuals or industries that played a part in shaping it. Our approach is to make this history more accessible by ensuring that as well as being factual and informative, it is also entertaining.