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July 2016

Bath - review of City Information System

Following stiff competition and a competitive pitch, we are pleased to have been appointed to undertake a thorough review of the pedestrian wayfinding network in Bath – one of Britain’s finest tourist locations. The review will not only analyse the wayfinding signage currently in situ, but will see the setting up of a series of focus groups to gather the views of locals, retailers, tourist attraction owners and visitors. We are delighted to have been awarded this prestigious commission.

April 2016

Weymouth scoping

We have recently completed a scoping exercise for the coastal town of Weymouth. This involved analysing the town centre and its immediate vicinity and producing a series of proposals to improve footfall and ensure visitors become fully aware of all that is on offer in this popular seaside resort.

A local press article can be seen here:

November 2015

Lowestoft scoping

We have just completed a full scoping exercise for Lowestoft in Suffolk. This has led to a series of recommendations to enhance the current wayfinding system - these examine how to improve the flow of visitors between points of strategic importance to the economic development of the town centre.

October 2015

Wayfinding for Sutton Harbour, Plymouth

Following our creation of an enthusiastically received series of monoliths for the City of Plymouth in 2014, we are now working on a similar programme for Sutton Harbour, the marina that is one of the finest deep-water harbours in England.

June 2015

Bradford workshop

We are pleased to have been appointed to review an existing set of wayfinding development recommendations to look at improvements for the City. We are to then facilitate a wayfinding workshop helping all the relevant stakeholders to explore the key issues and set priorities and plans for a wayfinding system that will be an example of best practice within the UK.

March 2015

Seaham wayfinding

Streetwise have just been appointed by Durham County Council to undertake a project to install a series of monoliths and fingerposts in the coastal town of Seaham.

December 2014

Major wayfinding project in Plymouth completed

In early 2014 Streetwise were appointed to develop and design from scratch a new wayfinding system to make it easier for visitors to navigate their way around Plymouth's city centre and Waterfront. The system was also to be designed with the aim of encouraging residents to try new routes, see new places or share new experiences. There were two main elements, free standing monoliths in the street and free standing and wall mounted panels at car parks in the city. The monoliths had mapping on one side and interpretive material on the other.

The network we devised included the installation of 19 double sided monoliths around the city centre, and information provision at 10 car parks. Streetwise designed and specified the monoliths as part of the project. The development of this scheme was led by the Managing Director of Streetwise, Peter McGrail. Peter has sixteen years of experience in running Streetwise and managing a wide variety of different projects, large and small.

The aim was to build on the branding that was already in use to promote the City and we aimed to, and achieved, a look and feel that made the degree of impact desired on street and that was consistent with the brand. The clients are delighted with the result as it achieves their original objectives and more. The project was completed in December 2014, since when Streetwise have been commissioned to devise a wayfinding system for Sutton Harbour, Plymouth’s historic port.

Local press article

October 2014

New commission in Oxfordshire

We are pleased to have just been appointed to undertake a scoping report for a town in Oxfordshire in which we will analyse the current provision and make recommendations for an improved wayfinding system.

February 2014

New wayfinding for Plymouth

We are proud to announce that we have just been appointed to develop and design a new network of signs and information boards that will make it easier for visitors to navigate their way around Plymouth's city centre and Waterfront.

The signs will also encourage residents to try new routes, see new places or share new experiences.

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July 2013

Dunfermline Delivers

We are delighted to announce we have been appointed by Dunfermline Delivers, the Business Improvement District for Dunfermline town centre, to create on-street panels that will support and collaborate with existing wayfinding elements.

May 2013

Reading Revamp

We have just been appointed to carry out a revamp to extend the network of Reading Explorer, refreshing its graphics to reflect current developments.

April 2013

Scoping Report for Midlands new town

We have recently completed a scoping report, whereby research was undertaken and recommendations were made to develop a new system for a busy Midlands town, as part of its re-development programme.

March 2013

Wayfinding - what's out there? A survey of 186 cities and towns - The Report

In 2012 we decided to undertake a major survey of Pedestrian Navigation Systems within cities and towns primarily across England, outside of London itself. It was not possible to visit every town, so we undertook to survey 186 of the largest cities and towns, the full list of which can be found within the report. The task was to identify and record what types of wayfinding assistance was provided for pedestrians in each city or town centre. Although we had a reasonable understanding of what is out there generally; we wanted to gain a much better knowledge base of what individual cities and towns have in place to help visitors find their way around. Thus by so doing we would have a very good comprehension of the overall situation across the country that would prove useful in helping our clients in the development of new systems.

The report shows the types of wayfinding assistance we found on-street. The percentages are essentially the proportion of cities and towns that had this element as part of its system. We were not recording every incidence of a type of sign, purely what type had been provided.

The survey was completed in September 2012. We believe this to be the largest survey of its kind. Please note that images shown within this report, unless otherwise stated, are images taken during our survey of the cities and towns as listed at the end of this report.

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May 2012

Scoping Report for one of the UK's top cities

Today we can announce that we have been awarded the project to undertake the development of a Scoping Report for one of the UK's top cities. This will involve carrying out a review and compiling a report on all that currently exists in the city centre for pedestrian wayfinding. We will then make our recommendations for the design and implementation of a bespoke integrated wayfinding system to help the city achieve its economic objectives.

March 2012

Worcester accepts recommendations

Following developing a Scoping Report for Worcester City Centre, the recommendations put forward by Streetwise Orientation & Navigation Systems have been adopted by Worcester BID for implementation.

Autumn 2011

Introduction of QR codes

When Streetwise were asked to carry out a revamp of the discover Leith graphics, we were asked to incorporate a QR code into the new design.

A QR code is a type of matrix barcode that can be captured by a mobile phone (requires a QR reader to be uploaded to the phone) it displays local information on nearby restaurants, bars and places of interest. A QR code is a variation of the traditional barcode that is seen everyday, however can hold much more information.


Nottingham City Council choose Streetwise

As a result of a tender involving design submissions, Streetwise is delighted to announce it has been awarded the design of the network, hardware and graphic content for a new integrated orientation and interpretive system for its city centre by Nottingham City Council.

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