the history behind the
success of Streetwise

We come from backgrounds in design, business strategy, tourism development and tourism marketing, and have been in the business of visitor orientation systems since 1998. At Streetwise, we have an understanding of the visitor experience.


Our first pedestrian navigation client was our home city of Edinburgh. The city had long had a problem with pedestrian signage. The volume of attractions, monuments and places of interest combined with conservation concerns made the conventional finger-post signage system unworkable.

We created and tendered what was an innovative concept for a navigation system at the time which was based on three levels of maps to be featured on units around the city. The navigation units were to be integrated with a visitor map made available through Tourist Information Centres and local accommodation. We won the tender and so The Edinburgh Navigator was born and Streetwise Systems had its first project!


Our research had shown that the traditional approach to pedestrian signage needed rethought. Signage has a dual function, it must not only help visitors find their way around, it should also help address the priorities of the destination - distributing people beyond the main thoroughfares, creating awareness of the range of attractions, bringing economic benefits and potentially becoming an attraction its own right.

Our Solutions

We work closely with our clients to develop bespoke systems that meet the objectives of all concerned.

Cost considerations aside, there is no limitation on the solutions we can provide. Many of the clients we have worked with have favoured on-street units of a related design, but this of course is not the only solution.