edinburgh navigator

Although Edinburgh has a number of renowned landmarks, research revealed that visitors still found some difficulty finding their way around. Our review of existing visitor navigation illustrated a lack of clear and integrated signage. The solution was to develop an entirely new visitor orientation system – Edinburgh Navigator.

Edinburgh Navigator was the very first system Streetwise created, and we were then asked to develop it from its purely navigational content to include interpretive material.

The system was extended in 2009 with new units installed at Holyrood and Leith Street (Omni Centre), with further units to follow. The exterior of all the units was revamped to adopt one of the City’s current brand colours. There are currently 3 double sided units which allow further information to be displayed, located at Leith Street, Lawnmarket and Princes Street (Playfair Steps).

A network of orientation units present three levels of mapping and are integrated with compact pocket maps.

On-Street Navigation Units

The 30 on-street navigation posts feature three levels of information:

Pocket Maps

A single pocket map, translated into five languages, complements the on-street navigation units. Like the navigation units, it provides a great deal of content in a user-friendly form that can be used independently from the on-street system.

In addition we have added 14 on street and wall mounted visitor information panels at key car parks throughout the city centre.